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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

the day of shameless thing i saw

a beautiful day
a strong wind like it gonna be hurricane
a good weather like it gonna turn to storm
a boring day like it gonna turn to emotional day
i guess it maybe just necessary to think in every day
but just those day i were so rage & so wild
let anger set it free
just feel so good like breathing good fresh air
when killing is easy than breath
when fear become fierce
when friend become tread
when feel my world really shake like an earth quake
when things become annoy that you want to scream to them
let it be
let it free
even you know they no hope
there no winning
but a man you are to be
when you stand by your feet sayin your rights
that someone take it from you
make you feel your pride been take by a laugh
can you take it simple just keep it away
thats not me
i rather die like curt cobaine in anarchy way
living in coward or die in man you are
you have rights to chose
so the truth has fall in front a me
the person he were so coward & silence
shameless to describe a man or a boy he are
when i saw him just piece of junk to me
not to underestimate him
but the truth in front of me dude

the coward person that i thought before were man

wonder yesterday...
just a boring evening...
i started to think something to do..
maybe best listen to music with high volume or loud..
to bring my attitude ahahaha..
then i started to find a speaker or maybe to lend it from my friends or someone near...
so i go the room that i thought that have speaker..
then i was Male(his nickname in malay)
importunity the boys with yell say it doesn't have speaker..
it really piss me off dude..
but the help that he made to me maybe i give chance to forgive...
but it was the last time of forgiveness..
it came to be the will be rough or wild..
then start to look again the next room..
there the speaker that i have look for...
then i ask the boy in the room..
then the permission i have it to take the speaker..
so i just get out of the room, toward to my room..
before that there a boys i know call murad..
then he started to ask me..
then i say i want to lend it..
but he said i was want to stole the speaker..
what in hell was that word..
i started to be really mad.. of him,
his face n eye really have something to settle about
so i put back the speaker..
so it deal time with the fucking boys..with annoy face looking at me..
so i started to yell n ask him to go outside of the room to settle
like man attitude i were with fierce in heart to crash him in piece..
but the coward he are in front of me..silence
it really piss me off
i thought he was a man but just coward boy he are..
shameless to describe of him...

Sunday, April 5, 2009

somthing that u might think im just crazy or looser!!!

life is pISS(hehe when there no music arround)
life is grade
life is fun(funny)
life is greed

love is fun(funny)
love is piss
love is everywhere(in toilet??)
love cant help(helpless or useless)
love cant win(loser??? or it hard??)
makin love is fun (why keep away just say it)
love is about feeling(why not share, or for perfect one to you)
love is around(why they still have tear of pain in their face n heart)
love is apart of us(why there still we hurtin people that defenseless with bullet)
love is between u n me(why then someone or more between us)
love is giving(why we keep away from the one that need)
(why keep ur virginity where there's a lot of opportunity ahaks)

look around u there is answer u will find
seek for answer from every lie from begininig around u not wisdom anymore


life is peace