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Sunday, April 5, 2009

somthing that u might think im just crazy or looser!!!

life is pISS(hehe when there no music arround)
life is grade
life is fun(funny)
life is greed

love is fun(funny)
love is piss
love is everywhere(in toilet??)
love cant help(helpless or useless)
love cant win(loser??? or it hard??)
makin love is fun (why keep away just say it)
love is about feeling(why not share, or for perfect one to you)
love is around(why they still have tear of pain in their face n heart)
love is apart of us(why there still we hurtin people that defenseless with bullet)
love is between u n me(why then someone or more between us)
love is giving(why we keep away from the one that need)
(why keep ur virginity where there's a lot of opportunity ahaks)

look around u there is answer u will find
seek for answer from every lie from begininig around u not wisdom anymore