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Thursday, April 2, 2009


Being Punk

Being punk is more than just what you where

It is how you look and how you think

How you act and how you enjoy your life

How you stand up to the man and take him down a peg

Being Punk is in your heart and it is displayed through your actions

Learn more about this author, Adam Smith.

SO you don't belong?
You don't fit in?
Nobody understands you and
You don't understand anybody?
Well, join the movement
Wear the uniform
Wear it with pride
Without shame
Without self-awareness
Without integrity
And no sense of irony.
Spike that hair up
Extra strong; extra tall
Just to show the world

How different you are.
Burn the flag, steal a car
Spit in public, wear a scowl
Rebel against the state
Rebel against authority
Rebel against your friends
Rebel against yourself
Don't let them take you alive
Battle till the bitter end.
You non-conformists are all the same
You versus the world is it?
Wake up.
Live in the modern world
Leave the past alone
To rest in its shallow grave
And instead of reviving
Hackneyed clichs and
Conforming to a non-conformist doctrine
Word for word, letter for letter,
Make your own rules
Your very own manifesto
That you promise the humble citizens
Of the province of "You" to follow
Every day without excuses or failure.
Don't put the "act" in activist;
DO something if you're pissed off
With the way things are run,
Or how many people go hungry
Every day whilst you eat a three course meal
And sleep on a full stomach of bile.
And if you don't feel strongly enough
To do anything about it, other than
Write lyrics that anybody with half
A brain could think of and apply to
A simple A/B/A/B structure
Then just don't complain.
Don't buy into the subculture
That they once called punk,
Because every penny that you bleed
Funds the commercialism of
Something that supposedly lives
And thrives underground.

Ever get the feeling you've been cheated?
Then just don't play the game.

Learn more about this author, Matt Morgan-Rawes.