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Wednesday, April 1, 2009


hmmm bru bagi aku utk megenali
lame ku dgr sblm memahami
aku x ksh ape yg org nk ckp tntg anarchy dgn aku
x ksh lh bertentang dgn seseuatu amalan
sbb yg ckp tu pn x sdr seharian melakukan bertentang dgn amalan
hidup yg sbg punk
hidup tanpe sempadan
fucking system
fucking red neck
do chaos n fight for fun
explode your feeling by know ur right
pure anarchy or punk doesnt exist in me n other
we just poser by do liltle ideology by punk
now punk just music how sad it is..
no originallity but it their rights to do that
saying im punk band but im just do my music not lifestyle
im punk but not anarchy...
all this by saying by them...
life just boring if like that so wake up n strike back
like empire strike back... life can be change...